About Us

Matt Crown of MCR became involved in suspension work in the mid-80’s while riding for a company named “Pro-Shock” where he did a majority of their test riding and R & D work.  In 1992 Pro-Shock left the industry and Matt bought all of their equipment, valving specifications, etc. and started his own company, currently known as MCR.
Matt has raced for over 20 years, eight of which were as a Pro rider, earning a National number each of those years. All of MCR’s employees also ride, so they know what effect changes will have on suspensions and motors.  MCR is not a production shop…all the work is custom for the individual riders needs.  Each job is serial numbered and logged into a log book with all the valving sizes, oil weight and height, clicker settings when set out,etc.
Each year, MCR gathers one of each of the new motocross bikes (50cc – 500cc) from each manufacturer to test and develop the suspension, jetting and motor specifications they will produce for their customers. If MCR says it works, it is because they tested it and it does… the guess work is done long before a customers bike is modified. Because of this, MCR’s passion for the sport has led them to become not only a local business, but known Nationally and Internationally. MCR has worked with and traveled with numerous professional athletes for X-Games Events and X-Fighters Events, including building bikes for the competitors of these events. MCR spends hours testing with local riders as well as professional riders whom they conduct private testing sessions.